Dr. Katie Beleznay

Vancouver Skin Care Specialist

Dr. Katie Beleznay is a leading dermatologist specializing in the latest treatments to repair and rejuvenate the skin


Dr. Beleznay practices at the Seymour Health Centre and at Carruthers & Humphrey Cosmetic Medicine. 



    Seymour Health Centre                                                         Carruthers & Humphrey 

    1530 West 7th Avenue                                                         Suite 820 - 943 West Broadway
    Vancouver, BC V6J 1S3                                                        Vancouver, BC V5Z 4E1

    For appointments please call:                                             For appointments please call:

    (604) 738 - 2151 (Press 4, then 2)                                         (604) 714 - 0222

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