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All About The Chest

The chest, or its fancier term décolletage, is commonly neglected when it comes to prevention and rejuvenation strategies, but it really does deserve some attention! It’s often a clear give-away of someone’s age. So what are some treatments for this area? Here is a list of some of my favourites:

1)    Complexion: Evening out the red, brown, sun spots and more on the chest is an easy first strategy. The skin on our chests is often damaged from years of exposure to the sun and unfortunately this area, like the neck, is commonly forgotten when it comes to important sun protection strategies.

a.    IPL - This is one of my favourite go tos. It can reduce redness, sun spots, and help even out discolouration.

b.    Skin Care - Don’t forget to put skin care on your chest as well!! The neck and chest skin is often more sensitive so you may need to start out every few days or even once a week to begin with for your more active products.

2)    Lines and wrinkles: If you squeeze your chest pushing from outside in you can often see long vertical wrinkles. Side sleepers (me included) get this the most!  What are some different treatment options?

a.    Sculptra - This injection can stimulate collagen and is long-lasting, looks natural, and can help soften those lines and wrinkles. It often requires more than one treatment, but the degree of improvement can be quite meaningful (see video below).

b.    Thermage or Ultherapy - This will help soften lines and lift the chest. In fact Ultherapy is formally approved for improving lines and wrinkles in this area.

c.     Hyaluronic acid filler - Soft fillers like Volite or Restylane Skin Boosters can hydrate the skin and reduce some of the more superficial lines.


The before and after photos above are following two treatments of Sculptra to the chest. There is a subtle, but noticeable improvement in the vertical lines on the V-shaped central part of her chest despite the colour difference (a little sun education was implemented from the before to the after photos as well ;)

You can watch the video below for a little more information about the use of Sculptra on the chest. If you are interested in learning more please contact our office.