Dr. Katie Beleznay

Vancouver Skin Care Specialist

Dr. Katie Beleznay is a leading medical and cosmetic dermatologist specializing in the latest treatments to repair and rejuvenate the skin

2016 AAD Updates

I recently returned from the 2016 American Academy of Dermatology Conference in Washington D.C., where I had an opportunity to share some of my research and get updates on all the latest in the field of dermatology. It was a wonderful meeting with over 18,000 in attendance! 

Once again there was much discussion of psoriasis and the new biologics available for treatment, as well as the importance of screening for other medical conditions such as high blood pressure and heart disease in these patients. Counseling psoriasis patients to stop smoking, minimize alcohol consumption and maintain a healthy weight was emphasized.

Another interesting topic was a review of treatment of pre-cancerous lesions such as actinic keratoses with topical chemotherapy creams. This can be combined with therapies such as liquid nitrogen for improved outcomes. Photodynamic therapy is another way to treat these lesions for both a medical and cosmetic improvement. As the population ages and there is an accumulation of sun damage, treatment strategies for both pre-cancerous lesions and skin cancers will become even more important.

On the cosmetic side there was a focus on combination therapy for rejuvenation of the aging skin and discussion on complications from treatments. I had the opportunity to present on facial vascular anatomy and strategies to prevent and treat vascular complications including blindness from filler.  I also was invited to teach in a hands-on workshop where I educated other dermatologists how to inject filler in various areas of the face to get the best cosmetic result. Participants were able to practice injecting directly into a training model to practice their skills.

Overall it was a great meeting with lots of pearls shared. I'm looking forward to next year's meeting in Orlando.