Dr. Katie Beleznay

Vancouver Skin Care Specialist

Dr. Katie Beleznay is a leading medical and cosmetic dermatologist specializing in the latest treatments to repair and rejuvenate the skin

Welcome to My Website

I am very excited to have my website live just as I am joining the Seymour Health Centre and doing my fellowship with Carruthers & Humphrey Cosmetic Medicine. The site was developed to provide background information for patients to get to know more about me and my passion for helping people with a wide range of dermatologic needs. 

I intend to use this blog to provide access to news, information, and tips on skin care and what is at the forefront of the world of dermatology, as well as to share a bit of my journey as a young woman in the field of dermatology. 

I want to thank my husband, Ben Pickering, who is helping me with my website, online marketing and social media. As a doctor who has grown up in the age of the Internet I hope to utilize these channels of communication to better educate and connect with the community, both here in Vancouver and abroad. Please feel free to leave comments on the blog. I also invite you to connect with me on Twitter for real-time updates and conversation about "anything skin."